Strategies For Videos Marketing Internet Businesses

People creating videos marketing Internet businesses of any kind usually fail to understand that the Internet medium is sometimes different than other mediums.

They make a video commercial, put it on YouTube and expect thousands of visitors every day. Needless to say, they don’t get them.

First, you have to consider whether you want to use the video as a traffic source or use it on your site as a part of the sales letter. “How To” videos work best for your traffic source…

Some Good “How To” Videos┬áMarketing Internet Businesses

These videos are intended to get new visitors to the author’s web site. The marketing part is happening essentially in the back. These videos have all the characteristics from above…

The above videos clearly show the authors know what they are talking about. They share useful and interesting relevant information for their audience and invite the viewer to visit their web site for more information. They are also very well optimized for YouTube and thus show high in the search results for a very competitive term.

A good video for marketing online consists of five main things:

  1. It has an appealing title
  2. It is specific
  3. It educates
  4. It is optimized for high rankings
  5. It invites viewers to take a specific action (usually visit the website for more information or to subscribe to the newsletter)

YouTube Isn’t The Usual Place People Look For Services. Reviews And Demonstrations Work Better

Another strategy for marketing your online products or services with a video is to create a review (or better yet, ask some of your customers to create honest reviews for you).

If you post your company’s commercial on YouTube, you probably won’t see much traffic from it because what people are usually searching on YouTube is information and not commercials.

If you don’t have an idea how to put together an about a minute long informational video, at least consider doing a video demonstrating how your product or service will benefit the customer.

Make sure your reviews look real and natural if you really have to hire people to make them for you. You should also know that nowadays most internet marketers are using the shame channels to get their “testimonials” and “reviews” and it often happens that two or more “Review videos” contain the same person doing the review and raving about the product. And it more often than not even happens in the same niche! So keep that in mind.

Videos Marketing Your Internet Business Should Look Trustworthy

Make sure you don’t use some of the cheap “marketing video creation services” because those videos will more likely than not make your business look cheap if not un-trustworthy or even a scam.

If you use such services, make sure you see their previous work and never go for the cheapest version! Even if the cheap video looks good to you, you must know that you’re really biased and you need another, neutral person to give you an objective opinion.

Badly made, spammy videos quickly made purely to get traffic to the web site will quickly get the community angry and they will give it so many “thumbs down” it will disappear from any results.

So, in the not even so long run such videos are considered money out the window.

Never Use Misleading Titles

If you absolutely have to create and use videos that are essentially advertisements for your web site without added value, make sure your title says it unambiguously.

For example a title: “New Article Marketing Service Gets You Unbelievable Traffic” is better than, for example: “Article Marketing Strategy That Gets You Unbelievable Traffic”.

The first one makes the viewer expect a sort of advertisement and maybe he’s looking for just such a service. But after seeing the second example, the viewer will expect an actual strategy explanation and there’s very little chance you’ll be able to twist it in a way to keep the viewer calm and to maybe even go to your website and order your service.

Hope this will help you plan a better strategy for your videos marketing internet business that essentially in the end represents you, your work and your integrity. Be careful how you go about it.

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