Still Don’t Have Your Own Product?

Dear Internet marketer,

in this article we’ll look at why it’s crucial to have your own product to really succeed online, what products sell well and how to you can make a product from scratch and without much knowledge in creating it.
Creating and selling your own product isn’t as hard as it seems. In the digital world there’s a whole other category of products that, perhaps not surprisingly, sell like hot cakes.

You don’t have to create any physical product…

Of course, what I’m talking about are digital info-products and software. These include ebooks, video courses, subscription websites, newsletters, different kinds of software and many more. People I know have made millions with them.

However, not all info products are created equal. Some sell more likely than others and again, not surprisingly, the ones that fulfil the basic human needs, sell the most.

Here Are Some Niches With The Highest Selling Rate Of Info-Products And Software:

– How To Make Money Online (this includes all the sub-niches like SEO, Copywriting, Traffic generation, …)

– Self Development (this again includes all the sub-niches like Meditation, NLP, Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, Subliminal products, “How to” guides, software, apps, …)

– Seduction and Persuasion

– Health and fitness

– Weight loss

– How to play musical instruments (this includes “How to” videos and ebooks for beginners to advanced students, Learn to play a specific song or style of music videos, …)

– Android and IOS apps (games, different courses, …)

– WordPress plugins that help make more money, bring more traffic, get more subscribers or make the process of building a profitable website easy

Of course, for the reason of being extremely profitable, most of these niches are extremely competitive, but there is always place for one more if you can put a useful spin on what works or even discover something completely new and share that knowledge with the world.

Why Is It Important To Create And Sell Your Own Products

There are several reasons to create your own product:

Control – If it’s your product, you control what goes inside, what you’ll promote in it (usually your sites and other products), how much of it you’ll sell, you set the price and you get paying customers that you can start a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Leverage – When you’re selling your own product, you can leverage affiliates to help you sell it and it usually spreads like wildfire. Selling through affiliates is one of the best things that can happen to you. They do all the hard work, they risk their money for advertising and they only get paid if you do. This can also have (and usually does when done correctly) an extremely viral effect as you each time convert your some of your new customers into your affiliates.

Branding – As you sell your products, you get recognition (if you’re smart and sell high quality information or other products). People get to know you and trust you, which makes selling other, equally high quality products much, much easier.

Profits – You either keep all your product’s earnings if you sell your products yourself, or, if you employ the affiliate tactic, you get much more that you could ever make because of the sheer number of affiliates and their incredible tactics (I’ve seen them do extremely imaginative and profitable things during my years) even if you pay them a 70% commission!

Now, before you get scared and think you don’t have what it takes…

Don’t worry! I’ve created products entirely on my own, I’ve created products I had a lot to do with creating them and I also have products I only gave an idea, an outline, and had other experts create them completely for me.

How much of your work you’ll put into your product and how much you’ll outsource depends on your expertise and the amount of money you’re willing to spend (I suggest you’re not too cheap because it will show in your final product and you’ll make much more back anyway!)

You can get away with creating a great, engaging video, full of relevant and useful information for as low as $50-$60! (that’s if you completely outsource it). If you put some work into at least information presented and perhaps you narrate the video yourself, you can get through much cheaper.

Nowadays I exclusively use for all my outsourcing needs. You will have to get some feel for the sellers but you’ll soon know which ones are reliable, professional and real experts in their fields. Sometimes you won’t be able to find a real expert for your niche and you’ll have to employ a different tactic…

There are sellers that are experts in researching any theme (I’m talking University strength research – it would pass for seminars or even as parts of diplomas or even doctoral dissertations!)

Once you have the research, you can give it to a writer to write your report or script or whatever you want to create with it.

I almost always create info-products in niches that I’m an expert in, but I often hire professional writers to help me put it into beautiful and readable format and artists to draw the accompanying images.

I also hired a brilliant programmer a few times to create software for me that I would then sell. I had the idea, I had the research that I had done but I lacked the programming skills, so I went on Fiverr and I got myself a software developer. And the great thing was, my first software cost me exactly $5 to create!!! The second cost me $80 and the third $270. When you think about it, this is really nothing compared to what it used to be to hire a software developer. They would usually charge up to $200 an hour. These guys work fast, reliably and brilliantly for a fraction of the cost.

And they will also develop your Android or iPad/iPhone/iPod apps for you for a fraction of the cost you’d pay a software firm to do it. All you need is an idea and a few bucks to make it a reality.

Hope you’re now as excited as I was to create your first or perhaps your second, third… product and begin selling it (in our later articles on the main page and also in exclusive subscriber articles we’ll look into the secrets of how to make it work very well too, of course)…

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