Finding An Online Marketing Niche

Your online marketing niche¬†includes your type of business, your income strategies, your unique selling proposition, your targeted keywords and your targeted audience. If too many other marketers occupy the same niche, you’ll have a harder time making it to the top.

Even though major corporations are slowly taking over all the main stream, most popular and profitable niches, there are still countless others you can find with some work that will bring you a lot of profit.

Basic Common Sense Guidelines In Choosing Your Internet Marketing Niche

Go for something you actually know a thing or two¬†about. Now, for some reason this one is a huge challenge for many if not most beginner Internet marketers. Somehow they almost universally think they first have to set up a “How To Make Money Online” website. And they almost invariably do, but then go to Internet marketing forums and ask questions like “What does SEO mean?” or “How can I get visitors to my website?”

Now, do these people seem like people you want to take advice on Internet marketing from?

Check your competition. No competition can mean either there’s no business or that you found your perfect niche (which is unfortunately less likely, but possible).

Do your keyword research. If there is no or very little competition and a relatively high search volume, you’re in luck, you just might have found your niche.

Test your audience. Not all keywords and all visitors are created equal. On the first glance you might think you’re in luck, but, depending on what you want to do (sell a product – your own or as an affiliate, build a list or work with Adsense), it may backfire. So, before going “all in”, try testing the ground a little bit. A good idea is to set up an article or an opt-in page and offer a subscription to a newsletter. Maybe also put in some Adsense ads. Then you can go to Adwords and buy some traffic to the site and see how it behaves. If you get many subscribers, maybe even some clicks on the ads, then it looks promising.

But, if you get no subscribers and no clicks, you might be in trouble (of course, it also depends a little on your copywriting skills, but if you’re really bad at it, there are many high conversion templates available that you can use to create your opt-in page).

I have once invested a lot of time and energy on a site based around a seemingly amazing keyword only to get a moderate amount of traffic that almost never clicked on any of my ads and left the page very quickly even though it was laser-targeted for the keyword (or it seemed to me that it was). I should have tested the keyword first.

Don’t be afraid to attack the most competitive niches if you know a lot about the subject. If you know a lot about weight loss, for example, don’t let the competitiveness of the niche scare you. I have an acquaintance that is extremely good at fitness and he created a fitness website that became, despite all the competition, very famous. You have to remember, not everything revolves around Google all the time. High quality websites and products tend to circle the globe through other channels as well.

Where To Look For Your Perfect Niche?

If you’re not sure what niche is right for you, you’re in luck because some of the other, much wealthier sites, did most of the research for you already.

For example on Yahoo! there’s a selection of “Yahoo Sites” that cover many popular niches.


Amazon and Ebay are also great places to search for niches because they have so many categories and sub-categories that are bound to give you an idea what you want to write about (of course, after you’ve done other research).

I just went on Amazon, clicked on the “Shop by department” button and got a h1uge list of categories. I imagined that I was in the “Health and fitness” niche, so I clicked on that. The site that opened had a list of dozens if not a hundred different items used in fitness. I randomly chose “Jump ropes” and I’ll show you what I did next below in the “Using Google for keyword research video” (the last video on this page). I got plenty of interesting article ideas!

Keyword research

Before you begin setting up your website, you will want to know if and how many people are searching for your future products or articles online. You can do this with the Google Adwords tool. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to register an account (a few minutes). After that, you can go to the “Tools” menu and select the “Keyword planner” tool.


Here’s a short video from Google showing you how to use the keyword planner:

You can also get great article keyword ideas for your niche using Google itself. Every time you search, Google gives you suggestions to use. These are not just random keywords it came up with, those are the keywords people are typing into Google! While most of them will probably have a very low volume of search, some of them can be quite good and have low competition!

Below is a short video to demonstrate what I mean (sorry for the quality, I really made it quickly, but I think you’ll instantly get what I was trying to say)…

If you want to go to the next level with this concept, I invite you to get this incredible keyword software tool that will help you get hundreds of amazing long tail keywords ideas within minutes (although it is quite expensive).

So, I hope this covers at least the basics of how to find an appropriate niche for you to start your Internet marketing business in and make money without scams or black hat techniques. We’re going for the long term, remember?

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