5 Powerful SEO Strategies That Work Right Now (2015)

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here I’ll show you three Search Engine Optimization strategies that work very well right now. Besides the obvious <TITLE> tag that we discussed in the main SEO article, there are

1. The <META description> tag

The “META description” tag is very important because it’s content will show in Google as description of your website. The trick is to squeeze your desired keyword into this description. And also, try to put it as close to the beginning as possible. Furthermore, if you can, repeat the keyword again, it will help you outrank others above you if everything is the same and they only mention the keyword once, you’ll get the higher spot.

But remember, you have to make it natural. Stuffing keywords will more likely get you penalized than help you rank higher.

For example, if I wanted this article to rank high for the keyword “SEO Strategies”, this is what my Google result would look like (because of my Title tag and my “META description” tag). I put my targeted keyword in bold so that you’ll see where it’s important to have it…

TITLE TAG: 5 Powerful SEO Strategies That Work Right Now (2015)
URL: http://bestmarketingresource.com/5-powerful-seostrategies-that-work-right-now-2015/
DESCRIPTION TAG: Discover the SEO strategies that will rank you higher in Google in 2015. These Strategies are a must in SEO today.

This is only for demonstration purposes. I’d probably think it through more if this were for real. Notice also, how I separated the keyword the second time. This makes it more natural looking than if I simply repeated the same multiple word keyword. If your keyword is a single word, you can’t separate it and you can simply repeat it.

Also notice that I put my keyword in the URL of my website.

2. Adding Multimedia On Your Web Site (Especially YouTube Playlists!)

Videos are huge in SEO right now. People don’t want to simply read the pages, they want video. I always encourage to create your own videos (and with iPhones and iPads nowadays it’s really a breeze! Besides, you can have very decent videos with your desired content inside made for $10-$20).


  • Your video will attract traffic on YouTube and channel it to your web site
  • Your video won’t contain ads and links to other competitive websites
  • Your video will add credibility to your site

There’s really only one downside to uploading and using your own videos: they probably won’t rank so high for your desired keyword for some time (unless it’s something completely new). But the sooner you make them, the better chances you’ll have in the near future to rank high.

We’ll go into how to rank videos on YouTube in another post.

So… the easiest and fastest way to put video on your site is by going on YouTube, finding a desired video and embedding it in your post. Make sure the video ranks high on YouTube for your desired keyword and it’s between 1 and 3 minutes long. This seems to work best.

And this is not all! What makes the search engines really happy is if you embed a playlist to your post. Again, search YouTube for your desired keyword and add three videos you want to share in a playlist. Then embed the playlist itself in your post. Again, make sure the videos rank high for your keyword and they are 1-3 minutes long.

3. Internal Linking

Internal linking is where you can tell the search engine what your desired keyword for a particular post is. It is important that all the internal links throughout your site are the same for one post.

For example, if I wanted to link to this post for my desired keyword “SEO strategies”, all my links on my site would point to this post as SEO strategies (not a real link, just making a point). These links have to be consistent not to confuse the search engines.

Internal linking works very well but again, don’t overdo it. Put the links in when appropriate. The more you write, the more opportunities you’ll have to put your links in.

4. Write 700-1000 Words, Specific, To The Point Articles And Do That Often

Don’t try to write a novel. I try to write at about 1000 words per article. Sometimes it’s about 700 and sometimes it’s almost 2000. But I try to keep it at about 1000 because that has proven to be the most effective, not only for the search engines but also for the readers – they can only take so much information at a time.

Also make sure the content is to the point and specific. Broader themed articles tend to rank worse than laser targeted, authority articles.

Also make sure you regularly add fresh content to your web site. This way you train the search engine robots that your site is giving out relevant, fresh information and they will push you up if you keep it up. You should know that there could be no results for up to a few months, but then they will suddenly come.

Don’t try to write for the search engines. Write for your readers. Don’t worry too much about keyword density and all that stuff. Just make sure you provide your readers with state of the art, specific and useful information and the search engines will soon pick up on that. After all, they are here to serve exactly this kind of information to their customers – the people that search for information.

The less you try to “play” the system the better. And don’t worry, every now and again it will happen that a certain update will hit your legitimate, high quality page(s)

5. A Very Fast Indexing Method

After you have added your sitemap to your Google webmaster tools, added your post to Google+, you can also use this methods:

Method #1:

This is a fast indexing method I recently discovered.

I was looking for new ways people make money online and stumbled on a site I thoroughly tested. Even though at first it looked like it could be a source of fair additional income, it soon became clear it wasn’t, at least for now. But during my testing period I discovered that the posts you make on that website are indexed literally within minutes. And you’re allowed to post your own links in the posts.

Now, before you jump in and begin spamming the place, be aware that the site has very personally invested moderators/owners. Besides that, most members use the site for social interaction and sharing their thoughts, so they don’t tolerate spammers and self promoters very well.

This is one of the deals that will bring you huge rewards but you’ll have to work for it. There’s no easy, lazy way out of this.

Good news is that you’ll still be able to do it quickly.

You have to post a minimum of 500 characters (that’s characters, not words) in your posts, so you can do it fairly quickly. You’ll have to write a few legitimate posts between every self promotional ones to avoid suspicion.

Furthermore, what I suggest is the following. Write your post on your blog or your page. Then go to the page I’ll share with you in a minute and post about what you just posted. You can literally write something like “I just posted an article about X on my website and I noticed how…”. You can then write a short paragraph about the topic you wrote about and give a few points you shared in your article (don’t just copy/paste them! Always avoid duplicate content! I can’t stress this enough). During your 500 character description of what you wrote about, put in a link to your article.

Google will index your 500 character post literally within minutes and it will follow the link to the article on your web site. Make sure you don’t use your keywords as anchor text. Always use raw URL as a link there as a precaution. And if possible, put it at the top of the article.

The website in question is called Persona Paper (the link will open in a new window). Register now. You’ll have to write a 500 post about yourself because they check if your English is good enough to post there.

Method #2:

This one is very logical but elusive… Post often and you will literally train the Google bot to crawl your site often. The more often you post, the more often it will visit.


This isn’t instant! You will probably have to post for months to see results (depending on how often you post – if you do it every day, you’ll see results sooner). This is the trick of all those large sites with many people working on them that provide new content multiple times a day. This is also the case with sites like Persona paper (discussed above) and HubPages.

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