How To Make Money Online Without Scams or Hard Work

Dear soon to be successful Internet marketer,

you’re in luck. You just found one of the rarest truly no-B.S. resource on making serious money online.

I won’t teach you any black hat methods or any other scam “get rich quick” methods that might work in the short run, but they always fail miserably in the long run. Most of the time, though, online “gurus” are selling you empty promises based on fake, made up proof. Below is just an example of how easily “Proof of income” can be faked…

Consider the image in the video below… Isn’t my brand new ClickBank income system amazing and aren’t you lucky I’m willing to share it with you?

Well, see in the video below how I was able to easily create these numbers on ClickBank. Enjoy!

Here’s An Example Of How Easily You Can Be Scammed

What I’m Going To Teach You On This Portal

Here you’ll discover proven, tested ways to make money online in a predictable manner and for the long run. I believe in the “set and forget” strategy (I’ll talk more about it below), which means that I try to make my money making as automated as possible.

I’m going to teach you about copywriting (my very dear subject I studied a lot and has brought me many, many benefits), finding an online marketing niche, which is extremely important if you want to really succeed, I’ll talk about search engine optimization, another of my very dear subjects I have studied in detail and that has changed so drastically in the last two years, you’ll discover how to make your Adsense sites more profitable and I’ll even show you mistakes people make and strategies to use when you’re creating any videos marketing internet businesses and much more.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. This won’t be effortless. You will have to put in some hours but the good thing is that your work will be laser targeted and what you’ll be doing was proven to work again and again so that, unlike mine, your hours of work won’t be horribly thrown away, but used very effectively to slowly build your online income up to the point where you can become a full-time Internet marketer.

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I Struggled For Years To Make Money Online
And Now I Want To Share With You What Works

I made my first website in 2004. I probably went through all the phases an unsuccessful Internet marketer goes through before seeing some real success. Ironically, my first website was quite successful and many dozens subsequent websites were either total failures or simply didn’t quite succeed to give me a steady income.

I bought literally dozens of courses (yes, even the high-end ones), I literally spent $1000’s on books, ebooks, video courses, subscriptions to “secret in-the-know groups”, online courses and so on. I don’t even want to think of how much more I spent on bogus “quick-fixes”, search engine optimization “experts”, cloaking software, automatic article creator software, social network submitters, article directories submitters, you name it, I tried it and failed with it.

Now, I’m not saying nobody succeeded with those techniques but I for sure didn’t even make back my investment with most of those.

Let’s Face It… The Get Rich Quick Idea Is Pretty Seductive


Make money fast internet marketing scam

Most of the so called Internet marketing “gurus” are out only to get your money. While strictly speaking, they are Internet marketers, most of them never made a cent in any other niche than the “Making money online niche”!

But let me tell you this… It’s usually the guy selling the idea that’s getting rich quick and easy… And NOT you!

I’m ashamed to admit that I even tried some of those “get paid to do [imagine any useless task here]” for fractions of a cent a minute. Heck, for full disclosure, I once spent a whole hour and made exactly… get this… $0.08! And at that time I was even proud of that success! I mean, I was so blinded by the fact I was making actual money online that I forgot I could have made a lot more by getting shopping carts in the mall to their rightful place and collecting coins people leave in them because they are too lazy to do it themselves. I bet there’s someone at least every hour that leaves 50 cents in those things because they are in a hurry or they just don’t care.

But I didn’t quit. I knew it was possible to make thousands of dollars on the Internet, I just needed that specialized knowledge. And after many years I finally cracked the code. I’m making a steady income online now and the best part is – most of it is automatic! My dreams finally came true and I wish they would for you, too.

So this is mostly why I created this website. I say mostly because, while your happiness is important to me, this is also my passion and, since I’m not Mother Theresa, I do plan to make some money with this site, too. I just want to give 1000 times more value than I receive.

This is my mission now because I see more and more how greedy people are trying (and succeeding) to take over the world with their scams and the words like “value”, “trust”, “respect” and “honor” mean nothing these days. Everybody is in a hurry to scam someone else and to make it out quickly with the “bucks and babes” to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

But The World Doesn’t Work That Way …


… thankfully. I mean, you can fool some people for some time but you can’t fool everybody forever!

And the funny thing… In my experience, if you only give it some of your extra will, work and passion, you’ll get way more than those guys ever will. Make no mistake about it.

Besides, have you ever heard of the expression “Easy come, easy go”?

It holds true for making money on the Internet as much as for anything else.

Beginner Internet marketers are unfortunately extremely misinformed and more often than not do huge mistakes when it comes to their websites and online business in general. I have written an article about the 7 traps of a beginner Internet marketer where I explore what often goes wrong in the initial stages of building an online business. These traps often include buying useless products or services that more often than not do much more damage than they are supposed to do good.

Now, I hope I got you on the right track with my little “speech” here. It’s time to dive right in and to start earning some serious bucks online…

Making Money Online Is A Science


There are several parts to a successful online business and each part has to be optimized to really perform for you well.

Have you ever considered what makes Internet marketing so special and so potentially lucrative?

I bet the first thing that came to your mind was “access to billions of people worldwide”.

If that was so, I have to respectfully disagree. Don’t worry, it’s a very common misconception. Everybody that has a business and thinks of the Internet, he or she automatically imagines virtually unlimited crowds fighting for his or her product or service. Although potential access to so many people is important, what the Internet allows for is even better…

What I’d call the three biggest advantages of the internet are:

  • Potential for virtually free or near-free automation
  • Potential for HUGE leverage, also for free! (this includes, but isn’t limited to affiliates, viral promotions through email or social networks and so on)
  • Fast and easy tracking, testing and tweaking

You see… What I’m trying to say is:

Don’t Work For The Internet, Make The Internet Work For YOU!
Treat Your Online Marketing Endeavours As A Business Rather Than A Job

Dollar bill

Be careful what you strive for! If your goal is to make 1000 posts or comments a day on a pay-to-post web site to make $1 a day, then this is what you’ll get. Make sure you invest your time smarter!

Too many people get caught in the “working for the Internet” trap.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with selling your products or services online as additional (or sole) source of income. But I wouldn’t call it Internet marketing.

The way I see Internet marketing is that you set an automated system of delivery for your products and then focus entirely on the marketing. Besides, like I said before, near-free automation is one of the main advantages of the Internet and the best use of it are the “Set and forget” systems.

Of course, you don’t completely forget your previous projects but you dedicate a few hours a week or at most one work day to them. Other than that you should be focusing on expansion – production or finding (if you’re an affiliate) of new products and getting the traffic.

One great Internet marketer once said:

Once you’ve found a way to make any amount of recurring money online, repeat the process with another product and then another and another and reap the benefits. If you can make $1 online, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make $1,000,000

One of the newer traps of the Internet are the so-called “Paid for posting” or “Paid for clicking” websites.

While it’s possible to make some money with them, there are two main concerns I have:

  1. You’re doing all the work and reaping only a fraction of the benefits
  2. There’s no telling what the owners of the sites will do (change the terms and conditions, sell the website, turn it into something else) and then all your hard work was literally for nothing

I’ve seen people on such sites after a year that made 1500+ quality articles on such pages only to have their rates lowered hundreds of times by the owners or not paying them what they were owed.

Besides, you can make DOZENS of times more money for the same amount of visitors simply by creating your own website – be it a blog, if you don’t want to pay for hosting or a cheap web hosting. I’ll show you exactly how.

There is a way to profit with those kinds of sites and I’ll go into more detail of how to do that later on this blog.

Make sure to read around here and come back often because I’ll be posting some pretty amazing stuff I learned along the way on my journey of learning Internet marketing.

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